Donny Truong

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“Good typography requires tremendous care, passionate devotion, and painstaking attention to detail. This great resource for good typography exhibits exactly those qualities.”

“This practical and refreshingly succinct guide is the perfect starting point on the road to crafting professional typography on the web.”

“Donny Truong’s Professional Web Typography is just about everything you’d want in a starter text for learning about type on the web — and best of all, he practices what he preaches with the type selection and placement.”

“Donny leads his readers step by step through the craft of making beautiful, successful typographic choices…. [C]hapter by chapter, the website offers plenty of practical, applicable advice that is sure to put you back in confident control of your typography.”

“If you’re looking for one comprehensive guide that covers all the essentials of professional typography, check out Donny Truong’s [web-based book]. It leads you step by step through the craft of making informed typographic choices, shaping your attention for detail and providing you with the technical background you need to gain full control of your typography. ”

“Der richtige Umgang mit Typografie will gelernt sein. Schriftauswahl, Lesbarkeit und die Berücksichtigung der typografischen Regeln gehören zu den wichtigsten Dingen, die man auch als Webdesigner beherrschen sollte…. Der umfangreiche Ratgeber „Professional Web Typography“ hilft, sowohl technische als auch ästhetische Gesichtspunkte im Umgang mit Typografie zu beachten.”

“La cohérence, le graphisme et le dispositif de navigation de Web Professional Typography sont fascinants de simplicité et d’ingéniosité, et ne peut qu’inviter à la lecture.”

“Donny Truong has done an epic effort at crafting yet another beautifully and knowledgeable guide to Professional Web Typography that no one in the web design world should miss. Apart from touching on the fundamentals of type, Donny presents very clear and by-chapter best practices on how to deal with fonts on the web, how to put their features to best use and how to craft efficient UIs using type.”