The first edition of this book published in May 2015. I wrote it as an independent study for one of my graduate courses in graphic design. I also wrote it for myself because I could not find a book that combined theory and practicality on web typography at the time.

By relying on my own experience as a web designer for almost two decades and keeping the technical aspects as simple as possible, my goal was to prove that typesetting on the web is fun and rewarding—not intimidating.

Four years later, this book desperately needed a revisit as webfonts continue to grow and variable fonts begin to emerge. For the second edition, I removed outdated information, reorganized the content, and expanded on new materials. I redesigned the book website, added more illustrations, and reworked all the demos.

I hope you will follow along and enjoy exploring this craft. Typography remains a craft that is honed, nurtured, and acquired over time, with patience and practice.